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Hair Care Tips

Human hair is different than synthetic hair that is used for wigs and hair extensions, each requires different care and practices. Here are some daily hair care tips for your hair.

Daily hair care does not have to be a hassle, no matter what type of hair you have. Your hair is meant to be cared for properly in order to be at its best. But all hair is as unique as the individual style. Part of your daily hair care routine is understanding how to care for your unique locks.

Brush Regularly

Brushing is great for your hair. Not only does it remove tangles, it also spreads the natural oils from your scalp that make your hair look shiny. When brushing, don't pull the brush through tangles as this can cause split ends. Also avoid brushing wet hair. Use a comb instead.

When to Wash

Regular washings are an important part of hair care but depending on your hair type, you may not need to wash every day. If your hair is coarse or dry, wash it every second or third day. If your hair is oily, you need to wash it on a daily basis. Oily hair will usually feel greasy the day after you wash it.

If you have normal hair that does not feel greasy or oily the day after washing it, you can get away with washing it every other day. Washing too often can actually cause it to dry out and lose its natural sheen.

Shampoo Properly

It's not enough just to wash your hair; you also need to know how to shampoo properly. You should massage the shampoo in with small, circular motions. Massaging the scalp increases blood flow and helps the hair grow and look healthy.

Condition Your Tresses

Conditioner is like lotion for your hair but choosing the right one for your hair type is key. A hydrating conditioner can help dry, coarse hair. People with oily hair should not apply conditioner to the roots or it will make it more oily after washing.

Some additional tips to keep in mind are not to over do the styling products. Give your hair a break from styling at least one day a week and always use a protectant before using heat styling irons.

Now that you know these simple and easy-to-do human hair care tips, you can begin a daily routine that keeps your locks looking their best at all times.

Wig and Hair Extension Salon in Dallas TX 15404 Addison Rd. Ste B Addison, TX 75001 214-783-9381

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