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Considering Hair Extensions?

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Are you sick and tired of your current hair style and want to change it immediately? Hair extensions can add instant length volume, thickness or highlights to your hair in just a few hours. They can be attached to your natural hair using many different methods available today. The hair that is used can be synthetic or human and varies in price and quality. The method of attachment often times dictates the type of hair that will be used.

Hair extensions can be a little pricey, especially if you are going for quality. You definitely get what you pay for with hair extensions, as they are not cheap. Many stylists receive special training from various hair extension companies and become certified to perform specific methods of attachment. Hair extensions are not a one size fits all, and some methods may not be suitable for certain hair textures and conditions.

TOP FIVE reasons that women get hair extensions added to their natural hair:

  • Add INSTANT length, volume or thickness to their hair. You always wanted long hair or thicker hair and for whatever reason have never been able to grow your own hair out.
  • Cover up a really bad haircut. So, you got a really short shag hair style and you absolutely hate it? Solution: Hair Extensions.
  • Add bold or subtle highlights to your hair without chemical processing.
  • Get a new look for a special occasion (wedding, prom, formal event).
  • Just for fun!!!! Some people like to experiment with their hair styles. Hair extensions offer an instant new look.

In short, Hair Extensions can be a fun and exciting way to add length, volume and highlights to your natural hair. It is important to do your research on hair extensions by finding out about the different methods available, finding a qualified stylist and maintaining the hair extensions once they are in.

Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions

Our design studio specializes in only the highest quality hair extensions. Available are semi-permanent human hair extensions and remy human hair clip-in hair extensions. These human hair extensions are available in 16”, 18”, and 20” lengths. They are available in over 22 matching colors for your hair. These hair extensions are popular with runway models around the world. Our stylist is highly trained in matching your hair color to the proper type of hair extensions that will work with your hairstyle for a natural look.

Our top of the line hair extensions selection includes:

  • EasiLengths
  • EasiXtend Elite
  • EasiXtend Pro
  • Put On Pieces
  • Raquel Welch 2pc Human Hair System

Our hair extensions are the most revolutionary product on the market today. Celebrities and Runway models wear these beautiful hair extensions. They are the top selling hair extension in the US and Europe. Did it ever occur to you that everyone on TV has the most beautiful long hair. Have you ever wondered, how does their hair grow so fast?

Today, everyone can have long hair in a matter of hours. No more sitting for over eight hours to get an application of hair extensions. These human hair extensions are flawless and blend well with your natural hair. Results are seamless, you will just love the feel of your hair with these beautiful hair extensions.

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Hair Extension Consultation

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We offer a one hour complimentary hair extension consultation absolutely free for all of our clients. Since every client’s needs are different, it would be impossible to explain which extension is the best choice over the phone or even on this website. That is why we recommend a consultations before any pricing can be quoted or any determinations can be made in regard to which extension is right for you. Our pricing service and extension knowledge is competitive to other design studios in the DFW area. Please call to schedule an appointment so that our Hair Extension Expert can help you with your selection.

To get started, we discuss and assess your needs during the free, in-depth and informative hair extension consultation with our highly trained hair extension experts. All consultations are conducted in our private showroom, where we have all of our hair extensions methods on display and can demonstrate the various options we can offer you. This allows you to see exactly how your hair extensions will look and feel.

During the consultation, we will discuss your styling options, pricing and educate you on which extension is best for you and why. After you have made your decision, we will custom order you hair extension(if not in stock) and arrange for the application of your extensions.

Hair Condition

Hair condition is extremely important when wearing clip-on or semi-permanent hair extensions in your hair. If your hair is shorter than five inches or you suffer from hair breakage due to color, or an illness. Semi-permanent hair extensions will continue to cause damage to your hair. We offer many varieties of clip-on hair extensions and volumizers with slip free silicone clips which are light weight and do not cause hair damage. This option would allow you to wear hair extensions until we can get your hair healthy. These hair extensions come in over 22 matching colors. They come in a synthetic heat resistant fiber that can be flat ironed or left curly. We also carry human hair extensions that can be blended into your hair and they are undetectable from your own hair.

Hair Extension Application Process

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Semi-Permanent Human Hair Extensions require an hour consultation so that we can determine what color, and length we will need to achieve your desired finished hairstyle. These hair extensions come in 12”, 16” and 20”. The length of the hair extensions that we use in your hair will be determined by the health of your hair and the length of your hair. We require a 50% deposit upon your decision to purchase hair extensions. They come in 22 matching colors and will blend with your hair color. An application requires a two hour appointment. We recommend that these semi-permanent hair extensions be reapplied every six weeks.

Clip-in Hair Extensions are easy to apply to your hair and do not require a lengthy application. Most colors are available onsite at our location. We will educate you on haircare with these extensions and you will enjoy the convenience that they provide, just clip-in and clip-out.

Semi-Permanent and Clip-in Hair Extensions require maintenance and we have hair care products available for care of your extensions so that they will look natural. For your convenience, our Design Studio offers a steaming service for your hair extensions.

Selecting a Hair Extension

The hair extensions that you buy will determine how long they will last and how comfortable they will feel. Semi-permanent hair extensions made of human hair are light weight and comfortable. These extensions come in various shades and tones so they can be matched to your natural hair color. They are a tape in process which stays in the hair up to six weeks. For a less permanent option, we recommend clip-in extensions. These hair extensions are a clip-on attachment for thickness, length and color. They provide a temporary change of style. Human hair extensions can be styled and are virtually indistinguishable from your own hair.

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