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Different Types of Wigs in Dallas

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Whether you’re looking to try on a new look or just need to feel more comfortable with yourself, wigs in Dallas are the solution you’re looking for. Wigs in Dallas can update your current look or provide a permanent solution to hair loss. However, there are a lot of wigs in Dallas and it can be difficult to know which one you should get. Listed below are some of the most common wigs in Dallas, and if you give us a call, we’ll help you pick the right one.

Standard Cap Wigs
The “cap” of a wig is what rests on the hand and is what the wig’s hair is attached to. A standard cap is one of the most common and most affordable types of wig caps. Hair is machine-sewn into the cap and the style of the wig is already designed. The hair is designed in such a way that makes it impossible or difficult to see the cap of the wig.

Monofilament Cap Wigs
A monofilament cap uses a type of material that is rather thin, made of either polyester or nylon mesh. The mesh gives the illusion of skin because the wearer’s natural skin is seen through it while being an incredibly breathable material.

Capless Wigs
Much lighter than wigs with a cap, these wigs use separated vertical lace strips, making them one of the most breathable types of wigs on the market.

Human Hair Wigs
In addition to the cap, the type of hair that is used will also make a big difference in the feel, look, and cost. Human hair wigs are the most natural looking but can be more expensive than synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs can be cut, dyed, styled, and treated like any head of natural grown hair. However, human hair wigs must also be treated and maintained like normal hair, too.

Synthetic Wigs
Usually cheaper than human hair wigs, synthetic wigs come in a variety of different materials like horse hair, feathers, wool, buffalo hair, or synthetic fibers. Higher quality synthetic wigs can be virtually indistinguishable from real hair. While typically being cheaper, they’re also much easier to take care of. Their downside is that they cannot be styled with blow dryers, hot rollers, or curling irons like normal hair could.

If you have any questions about wigs in Dallas, just give us a call at Wild 4 Wigs! As experts in wigs, we can answer any questions and recommend the best wig for you. Stop in at any time and we’ll show you the best wigs in Dallas.

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