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Wigs Selection and Consultation

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At our design studio we carry a large in-house selection of human hair and synthetic hair wigs. We also carry a limited selection of wigs for men and children. Our focus is to find that special wig that will enhance your personal lifestyle.

Our wig selection in Dallas consists of over fifteen major manufacturers. Each wig in our design studio has been selected for style, color and texture. Each wig manufacturer has a unique specialty. Wig manufacturers specialize in human hair, synthetic hair, hand tied, monofilament, lace front or wefted wigs. Wigs come in many cap sizes and colors. Wig selection may take more time than expected, so please allow our stylist to help you achieve a look you will enjoy wearing. Our wigs are custom cut and styled to give you a natural look.

When shopping for a wig or hairpiece you have lots of options, such as what style, color and design. The biggest decision you will need to make is whether to purchase a human hair wig or a synthetic wig. In order to decide you will need to understand the difference between human hair wigs and wigs made of synthetic hair. The differences go beyond the materials used to make a wig.

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Free One Hour Consultation

We offer one hour complimentary wig consultations absolutely free in our Design Studio. Our talented staff are here to help you with all of your Wig needs. Please call us to set up an appointment so that you will receive a one on one experience. Dallas Wigs Consultation will save you time and costly mistakes.

Wig Color Availability

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Color availability per wig is determined by the manufacturer. Wigs can come in as few as eight to twenty colors depending on the popularity of the wig or hair extension style.

  • Basic Hair Colors(Usually Human Hair Wigs)
  • Highlighted Colors
  • Shadow Shades
  • Rooted Colors
  • Tipped Colors

Main colors are: Black, Brown, Blond, Platinum, Red, Grey, Shaded, Bright Colors, Prints or Tinsel colors.

Wig Cap Sizes

Wig cap sizes are determined by measuring the circumference of your head with a tape measure. Our wig experts correctly measure your head for proper fitting.

Ultra Petite (20”)
Petite Average (21” 1/4)

Average(21” 1/2)
Average Large (22” 1/2)
Large (23”)



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